Length of program is 3 weeks (21 days).

Intake Day: In most cases you are required to arrive no later than NOON on the date of admission. It is recommended that you google the address or call for directions prior, to ensure you are on time the day of admission. 

If you are being taken into custody (via RCMP/Corrections/Prisoner Transport etc.) other arrangements must be made to send belongings before you go to court (mail or courier service.) 

Address for belongings: Box 1600, Saskatchewan Impaired Driver Treatment Centre – C/O (write your name), failure to do so might mean delays in receiving belongings.

Expectation for clients: each resident is expected to participate in the treatment program. Those who do not participate as required will be returned to serve their sentence in a Provincial Correctional Centre.

Upon admission and again prior to discharge luggage will be searched.

Travel home by paid public transportation is no longer provided. 

​Parcels accepted at the door on Fridays only (8 am until 10 pm.) 

Pay phones available, outgoing calls only. Calling cards are available for purchase from the canteen.

No visiting privileges or passes allowed. 


Canteen is open 2 days a week.

Recreational Cannabis in any form, is not allowed on the property. If it is brought in to the Centre, it will be disposed of.



Please bring enough for 21 DAYS. 

Note: Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen are not supplied by the Centre so please bring your own if needed. 


Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor/shaving cream, feminine hygiene products etc.

(feminine hygiene products not supplied by the Centre - please bring your own). 


2-4 changes of clothing is sufficient as we have laundry facilities available (detergent is supplied by the Centre). If you have allergies and require a specific detergent, you may bring your own. All laundry detergent brought MUST be HE (high efficiency liquid detergent). 

See "Client Rules" for dress code. 

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes:

Please bring an extra pair of shoes if you will be going outside.


Mouthwash, aftershave, perfume, aerosol sprays.        

Food/beverages (no food or drink allowed from outside the Centre).       

Bedding/towels (no type of bedding, towels, pillows allowed from outside the Centre). 

Electronic Items such as music players (ipods/cd players), portable radios, tape recorders, laptops, alarm clocks with radios, personal fans, electric razors.

We do not allow the use of cell phones; cell phones will be held in lockup and returned upon discharge.