The Saskatchewan Impaired Driver Treatment Centre (SIDTC), located in Prince Albert, provides a 28-bed residential treatment alternative for adult clients who have been convicted of a second or subsequent impaired driving offence and who would benefit from substance abuse treatment services. Governed by a Board of Governors established by Order in Council, SIDTC operates under the Saskatchewan Public Health Act and as a designated correctional facility pursuant to the Correctional Services Act.  As an inpatient treatment facility, SIDTC is funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health (MoH).  


‚ÄčOur vision is to provide a professional and effective response to the community by contributing to public safety and healthy attitudes toward substance use.

To provide a caring, healthy, supportive environment where the change process is initiated and/or continued.
To provide effective, research-based and skills-based intervention that is shown to reduce risk to drink and drive.
To assist in increasing motivation to change substance abuse behaviour.
To facilitate change through group process using guided learning methods as well as adult learning principles.
To maintain positive public relations and coordination with other agencies.
To provide educational and therapeutic information and materials for clients.