​​​Client Rules / Daily Routine

Dress Code:

Shorts/skirts must be longer than mid-thigh.  

No spaghetti straps.  

Shirts must be worn at all times. 

No lace back shirts, tanks etc. 

Do not bring inappropriate clothing (too tight, revealing etc). 

Client Bedrooms/Bedtime:

Checklists are posted in each bedroom.

Two clients per bedroom (each room consists of 2 single beds, place to hang clothes, nightstand)


10:45pm weekdays and 11:45 weekends, lights out after 15 minutes.


Weekdays 7am,

Sat & Sun 9 am,

Fri 6:30 am - all clients for clean-up, discharge, laundry.

No one is to be up before 5am.

Meal Times: 

Breakfast starts at 5:00am - 7:45am (self serve cereal, toast, oatmeal)

Lunch - 12:00pm 

Dinner - 4:35pm 

Night snack - approx 9:00pm

Food allergies: It is mandatory to bring a doctor's note if you are unable to eat certain foods due to allergies. 


Out of bounds: Clients are not permitted outside of fenced area without supervision or permission. After dusk, clients must stay in lighted area, near picnic table.
Smoking: At the picnic table, under the roof shelter & beyond that area.
Spitting: Do not spit in garbage cans or public areas-inside or out. Use Kleenex in the bathroom.

Please bring a pair of outdoor shoes if you are going to be going outside. 

Items in Lock-up (cigarettes, medication etc):

Before 7:30am and after 4:30pm weekdays you will be able to access items in lockup. 

Anytime weekends lock up items can be accessed.

Centre does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen articles not in lock-up.  

If you do not want belongings kept in your room (ie: wallet, identification, money etc) let your counsellor know and it will be kept in lock up. 

Alcohol or drug related clothing will be put into lockup.
Any items brought and not allowed will be put into lockup, you will be returned those items upon discharge.

Recreational Cannabis will be disposed of.  


To be taken as prescribed the prescription bottle (all medication is kept in lockup and will be dispensed as directed, we do not change doses for any reason). Medicinal Cannabis is allowed with a prescription, if in a sealed container.

Count is preformed daily, everyone is expected to be there when called for count: 

7:30 am weekdays,

7:00 am Friday 

9:30am weekends 

Daily at 12:00 pm, 4:45 pm, and 9:00 pm.

Being late for count will result in extra chores.

If you are not eating lunch or supper, you still need to advise the cook that you are not eating and be in attendance for count. 


Laundry is available weekdays after 4:30pm and throughout the day on Saturday

Bedding is done on Sundays only. 


Sweetgrass (outside only), eagle feather available before 7:30am and after 4:30pm weekdays, anytime weekends.

Misc. Information:
*Inappropriate touching, sexual or physical contact, inappropriate comments, language (sexual, racist etc.), use of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs, use of tobacco (including chewing tobacco and E-cigarettes) in the building, writing on/defacing walls, tables, posters etc., or tampering with cameras will result in charges and/or transferred to another correctional facility.

SIDTC is a Correctional Facility. Offenders are referred to as “clients” and are expected to participate in all aspects of the program. Failure to follow the above rules could result in transfer to another Correctional Centre (Updated January 2018).